Friday, April 17, 2009

Guest Author

Thank you to my guest author once again for my recent updates! Love you Lisa!

Saturday, April 11, 2009


Okay, so I know I haven't been blogging much, but I have a really good excuse. I'm addicted to Facebook. As you may have heard in the news Facebook has reached 2 million users, and I'm one of them!!!! I love being able to keep up with so many friends and family at the same time. So if you haven't already joined, what are you waiting for??? And if you do, look me up so we can keep up with each other.

For Old Times Sake

Isn't this funny???? Mom, Ray, my sister Robin, and my two little brothers, Allen and Travis. Hey, wait a minute . . . where am I???? Oh yeah, I'm taking the picture! Don't they look '70ish? Ha Ha, LOL.